The Kimberley is a vast and spectacular region in North Western Australia. It is home to intrepid and creative people who are inspired by the region’s ancient landscape, frontier heritage and strong communities. KAN supports and promotes artists and organisations across the region to enhance the culture and life of the Kimberley.
KAN was launched in 2018 by a group of dedicated volunteers who aim to increase exposure, skills and open up new markets for our creative Kimberley community. KAN supports the annual Broome Fringe Festival, regular networking events, hosts visiting artists and promotes and advances Kimberley art practice in a variety of ways. Members gain the opportunity to be part of a diverse network of creative individuals and gain exposure and opportunity to participate in a variety of events and exhibitions across the year.

As a not for profit organisation, KAN is inclusive and supportive of all makers and creators and embraces those who want to participate and support Kimberley arts.

Our Members

Our Committee

Chris Maher - Chair

Chris likes to think of himself as an art provocateur. While he paints his greatest passion is provoking thought through art, especially through installation and public art.  Chris has a long association with the Broome community through Shinju Matsuri and other public events and programs.

Mel Foster - Treasurer

With almost a decade in the creative industry Mel understands the importance of community support for our local creatives.

Clancy McDowell - Secretary

Clancy has always worked in creative industries and communications. She loves the dynamic creative communities of the Kimberley and works to support their growth and empowerment.

Carly Day - Committee Member

Carly has worked in an Indigenous Art Centre and gallery for many years in remote Western Australia and is passionate about Regional Arts Development. She has an in-depth knowledge of some of the challenges facing artists in remote regions and the value of developing stronger networks and partnerships

Leah Rakabundel - Membership Officer

Leah is a practicing artist with a passion for community art and the impact it has on wellbeing and happiness.  Leah has been involved in several youth public art projects in Broome and has run numerous creative community development programs.

Isla Birnie - Committee Member

Isla has lived in Broome for close to 9 years and has a background in education, community services and working in the not-for-profit sector. As an emerging artist, Isla is passionate about supporting and empowering local artists, and creating opportunities and together building the reputation of arts in the Kimberley.

Chrissy Carter - Committee Member

Chrissy is a prolific creative artist who works in a range of media, including ceramics, paint, and mixed media.  She is a partner in the Rockpool Gallery in Broome and also teaches ceramics.

Robyne Yayha - Committee Member

I am relatively new to the art world.    I recently discovered a passion for transforming scrap metals and used hardware into objects and sculptures. I am currently taking several different art classes at TAFE to explore different art forms and learn new techniques that I can incorporate into my own scrap metal work.