art above the 26th

art above the 26th

art above the 26th is an exhibition of new works by established artists who live and work above the 26th parallel.

While the latitude line defines the geographic edge of ‘the north’ it also comes with a certain attitude; a creative and adventurous grit that has its own character and vernacular. art above the 26th explores the landscapes, character, heritage, culture and light of the north. KAN is excited to showcase the styles, stories and talent of our northern artists and we invite artists to submit an EOI.

Each artist will have 6 metres of space to exhibit their works in, giving audiences a deeper insight, and artists an opportunity to increase sales of their work and raise their profile.

The week’s events will include an opening event and workshops for artists. The workshops are aimed at supporting artists to increase their knowledge and capacity in a range of areas. Attendance at workshops is FREE for exhibiting artists, and open to the public for a fee.