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Naomie Hatherley is an artist, teacher and curator interested in notions of identity and experiences of the m/other reflected in the everyday. Naomie has lived in Fitzroy Crossing, Derby and now Broome over the past 25 years I am curious about how we come about a sense of self through the lens of society. As a regional artist and general Good Girl, I find a lovely tension in trying to create works that will please or satisfy a typical audience expectation for technical skill or recognisable realism, whilst also satisfying a deeper need to be a Bad Girl who questions or challenges the status quo through these more benign artifices. It is the quintessential feminist artist conundrum. Prior to attaining a Masters Degree in Visual Arts (High Distinction) in 2012, she established and directed her own commercial gallery in the south west of Western Australia with a regular exhibition and artist workshop schedule. With a strong belief in the power of connection as means of inspiring and promoting arts practice, Naomie has been a passionate advocate and volunteer on the community arts scene in a number of regional communities over the past 15 years with the aim to encourage and