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Bec's Creative Place

Bec's Creative Place

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Hello and thank you for checking out my creative place! I have been creative for as long as I can remember, but I have never really considered myself as an artist. I have always thought of an artist as someone who has mastered a particular art form; someone who paints magnificent oil paintings, with skills you could only master over many, many, years of practice.... But that's not really me. I like to draw and paint, experiment with mixed medias, spend time weaving or creating macrame, mashing together colours and textures, creating unique nature inspired pieces, and what ever else that seems to peak my interest or inspire my creative juices in that very moment! And so, I don’t really consider myself an 'artist' as such, but more of a creative soul. Here at the Kimberley Arts Network, you will be able to find a varied collection of arts available for sale within the online shop, which is accessible from the top menu bar. If you would also like to follow my creative adventures as I traverse through different mediums and projects, please like and follow my socials.


With a love of colours and texture, and inspired by nature, Rebecca Jade B creates a variety of artworks that celebrate the beauty around us.