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Hello - I am a textile dyer and at the moment I only use Indigo to dye. What Do I Make? I dye silk, linen and cotton cloth using the technique of Shibori which is binding, folding, compressing and a stitching process, to create patterns on material. I dye with indigo. Why Shibori and Indigo? Japanese culture and art intrigues me and living in Broome it just seems to all come together with our Japanese historical connection. Also I love the colour BLUE How Does it Inspire Me? I am only at the beginning of my journey - the possibilities are endless. I enjoy the process of creating patterns as each piece is unique. It is exciting when it comes out of the dye vat to see how the colour has connected with the material. I wish I had chosen anything besides dyeing. It is messy, my hands will always have a tinge of blue, ironing is not my favourite pastime and it has taken up room in my house. Also, my walls are starting to have splatters of blue! Forgetting all of the above, it has major benefits for me. It quietens my mind, it is very meditative and creative, plus a great distraction from my computer work. Now I dream of shapes and designs.


To one day just do my craft only and never touch a computer again!