Broome Fringe Festival Art Exhibitions

Broome Fringe Festival Art Exhibitions

KAN has been overwhelmed by the enthusiam of our local visual artists who are ready to host exhibitions of their work. We know that Broome (and the Kimberley) doesn’t have a lot of available studio or gallery space and so we got creative when it comes to finding exhibition locations; we’ll be popping up in empty shops, at the BVC and in other places.

Here is a selection of the exhibitions you’ll want to explore during the festival.

Amelia Jajko will be exhibiting her ‘Faces of Broome’ at the Black Stump Gallery between 4 – 11th June.

Amelia Jajko 1
‘Joshy and Immy My Neighbour’s daughters’

Amelia said “I wanted to paint Joshy and Immy to relate their closeness, and the beautiful bond they share through sisterhood”. Amelia was funded by a Regional Arts WA Resilience Grant to create a project around People of Broome
“Through this project, I will be seeking out, listening and learning stories of the people of Broome. And then using portraiture relate a narrative on how our stories come together and entwine.” She said.

Come and see Amelia’s exhibition and enjoy a Twilight Art Night at the Blackstump gallery on Thursday 3rd June to launch Amelia’s exhibition.

Journeys’ Exhibition. Carolina Furque and Stuart Tatnell will be exhibiting their work at the Bernadine Room at the Sisters of St John of God.

Stuart Tatnell is a local sculptor creating boats from palms. You can also find his work at Rockpool and at Short Street Gallery. In 2009 Stuart was awarded the Shinju Matsuri Art Prize. Carolina Furque is an Argentinian photographer currently living in Broome. She has exhibited widely and her photographs are in numerous collections. 

Journeys exhibition imagesMoreno Goliat retrato
Goliat, Cirque Diana Moreno Paris 2001

The Fringe Festival performance installation project. KAN is proud to support challenging and intriguing works by two of our leading contemporary artists. This works connects with the Chinatown Discovery Festival and will begin on 28th May. More information about performance times to come.

‘Beyond Sight’ performance installation: Renowned paper artist Jacky Cheng is responding to her own diminishing sight by exploring alternative ways of engaging with her work. Jacky will be presenting an investigative performance piece with a large drawing tool that explores the temporary burden of blindness by establishing a ‘quiet’ but habitual pattern of bodily movements. You will find Jacky at the Broome Visitors Centre each day, building on the work over time.

Jacky Cheng portrait 1
Jacky Cheng at work in her studio

Tomoko Yamada presents ‘Flow Movement” Common Language of Thread: “Flow Movement…” is a conceptual thread dialogue that creates a freeform fibre installation over 10 days. The process of repetition, thread mapping, diagramming, drawing line with an inner flow movement. This process is like human life; connecting simple elements in a complex web that also connects us with our environment.

tomoko yamada flow
Tomoko Yamada ‘Flow…’

Tomoko will be creating her work over 10 days from 28th May and can be found on Dampier Terrace in the shopfront near Streetrs jetty – just next door to Mr Saigon. We thank Male & Co for supporting the festival and providing this space.

Mother Lode: Mining the vein of motherhood through art.

A group exhibition of new works and interactive installation by these amazing women exploring the creative life and the juggle with motherhood; Isla Birnie, Leah Rakabundel, Naomie Hatherley, Susannah Williams, Vanessa Margetts.

motherlode promo tile

The event will be on at Little Local on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June, 9am – 1pm both days. And will also feature live music performances.  You can pre-book for a special Indonesian breakfast here