Broome Fringe Festival Artist Development Fund

Broome Fringe Festival Artist Development Fund

KAN has launched the ‘Broome Fringe Festival Artist Development Program’ to support the ongoing development of the West Kimberley’s wildly creative arts sector by presenting a new creative work at the Broome Fringe Festival each year.

KAN’s ‘Broome Fringe Festival Artist Development Program’ drives opportunities that support regional arts development. The program offers a West Kimberley artist the opportunity to present a new or developing work to audiences during the vibrant Fringe Festival, which is a drawcard event for locals and visitors at the beginning of the dry season. Artists from all disciplines are invited to submit a proposal and KAN will host one new work that will increase their profile and experience. This is a unique and vital opportunity for creative practitioners in one of the most challenging and remote parts of Australia.


2022 program launched with major new work by Jacky Cheng

To launch this proactive creative program in 2022, KAN is thrilled to present a performative demonstration by renowned paper artist Jacky Cheng. Jacky is an award-winning Chinese-Australian artist who delves into her culture and tradition to creative unique, rigorous and fascinating work.

With ‘The Dance of Kigami and Kami-Ito’, Jacky states “My practice is about identity and awareness through cultural activities and memories of home; country and relationship I have a deep interest in correlating and weaving narratives from my native experiences whilst mapping the esoteric and social relationships of my origins and my new found home, environment, and social surroundings. My awareness is amplified through my diasporic identity as a Chinese descendant in foreign borders as I continue to question my notion of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ – ‘here and there’ and the ‘in between”.

The new work will be presented at teh Broome Sailmaker’s Shed on 4,5,6th June – with a meet and greet soiree to delve deeper into the intriguing technique and process of paper weaving.