art above the 26th is an exhibition of new works by established artists who live and work above the 26th parallel.  

art above the 26th

While the latitude line defines the geographic edge of ‘the north’ it also comes with a certain attitude; a creative and adventurous grit that has its own character and vernacular. art above the 26th explores the landscapes, character, heritage, culture and light of the north.  

Artists who live and work above the 26th parallel represent a diverse array of styles, cultural heritage and genres. KAN is excited to showcase the stories, rich cultural connection and talent of our northern artists.

The exhibition showcases a selection of well-established artists by curating a number of works that gives insight to their oevre.

On September 17 the exhibition will be lauched with an entertaining evening of music, mingling and refreshments. During the week there will be a couple of workshops for artists that focus on issues and stopics vital to developing your business and increasing your profile. Keep an eye for more informaiotn on these and the confimration of presenters.

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The mighty Martuwarra (the Fitzroy River) is an inspiration to many northen artists