Renowned Broome-based paper artist Jacky Cheng presents a challenging and innovative performance work at the Broome Visitors Centre that spans 10 days and culminates at the end of the Broome Fringe Festival.

Beyond Sight is an investigative performative piece to explore the temporary burden of blindness through a series of ‘quiet’ attention by setting up habitual patterns of bodily movement with a large drawing tool.

JC Profile photo BnW

Jacky says “Discovering a temporary failure in sight sparked a sense of urgency and immense anxiety of the ‘unknown’. Staring at my work intensely for hours cutting detailed fine work with stark lights to running the tip of my left index finger to guide my cutting tool on my right hand – I am losing my sight. This work is a process of familiarising myself with the circumambient world by indicating ways I could move through in my new familiar”.

The work is an installation drawing work that will grow through daily performance by Jacky. the audience is invited to observe the process, and re-visit to track the progress over time as it develops.

This project is presented by the Broome Fringe Festival and the Chinatown Discovery Festival. It is developed with funding from the Department of Local Govenrment, Sports and Cultural Industries. It is also presented with support from the Broome Visitors Centre and the Shire of Broome.