Tomoko Yamada’s project Common langauge of thread; “Flow Movement…” is a performative and experimental exploration presented for the Broome Fringe Festival.

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Tomoko Yamada is fibre media artist based in Broome and for this conceptual art program Tomoko uses thread to connect ideas, stories and people. It’s a process of making connections across a large space focuses on linear thread mapping and diagraming to create installation art.

The work emphasises the constantly transforming links between art and the environment. Thread is the key; symbolising the repetitive mapping process of human life, weaving lifelines, connecting points of existence, simple elements in a complex web.

Audiences are invited to observe the progress of the work and engage with it as it grows over the 10 day period. The work is presented for teh Broome Fringe Festival and the Chinatown Disocvery Festival. It is supported by Streeeter & Male and funded through the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC)