In 2022 KAN tentatively launched its Shed program with some Life Drawing sessions. You know, just to see how it might go…. It went very well.

We are kicking off our peer-to-peer Life Drawing sessions for 2023 on Wednesday 1 March.

The sessions are open to everyone; experienced artists, emerging artists, and those who want to have a scribble, or just like putting pencil to paper. Each week we have a different live model who will run through a series of poses with guidance from the weekly facilitator. While these are not ‘lessons’ as such, when you come to a session, you’ll join an inclusive, friendly and diverse group of people who support each other and share conversation and facilitation of the group.

Basic materials are supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own materials.

You can drop in for one session or buy five sessions at a discounted price.

Facilitation support:

As this is a self-supporting group, we encourage regular attendees to participate in facilitating the group. If you take on that role one week, then your session is free. Facilitation involves setting up the space, taking any money, calling timings and poses, and possibly finding a model (not usually required) .


The Life Drawing group is happy to hear from models. We welcome models of all ages, shapes, sizes, gender and experience. Modelling is paid. If you are interested in being a life model, email Clancy at