In 2 x 2 hour workshops, you will hand dye and stitch a lined drawstring ‘petal pouch’, learning about natural dyeing with fabric and thread. By adding sashiko style stitching you will create a unique and charming petal pouch, perfect for jewellery or small items. 

Darcy Palladino (@Done_by_d) is a textile artist and quilter engaged in a range of creative and sustainable practices including dyeing, weaving, stitching, quilting, improvised piecing and experimental work.

Natural dyeing Workshop
Natural dyeing workshops tile

TICKETS $90.00 at #SoBroome for 2 workshops including all materials, information sheets, professional tuition, refreshments and fun!

Workshop 1 Introduction to natural dyes: You will learn about natural and synthetic fibres, the impact on environment and any cultural significance. Choose two dye colours and place fabrics in the dye pots.  While the fabrics are dyeing, ther’s a discussion on foraging, scouring, mordanting, solar dyeing and dyestuff.  When you return to the dye pots you’ll discover your dye results and try iron mordant solution.

Workshop 2  Stitching and petal pouch creation: Bring back you new fabric to create a finished product. After practicing a simple stitch, choose a small design and plan and draw it on the fabric. Use a machine sew or hand stitch to create the bag, including corner ‘petals’ to make the final shape of the ‘petal pouch’. You are now equipped with skills to complete the second bag at home.