Join glass artist Alice Boardman for a weekend stained-glass workshop, divided into two 4-hour sessions, each day. 

Create a leadlight mandala using pre-prepared patterns by artist Kat O’Ryan, and traditional techniques with expert guidance from your facilitator Alice Boardman. 

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Over these two days, you’ll immerse yourself in the traditional techniques of stained glass art, guided by Artist and art facilitator Alice Boardman. Learn the art of glass cutting, breaking, shaping, and soldering to create a captivating leadlight mandala. The patterns are thoughtfully designed by Broome-based artist Kat O’Ryan, and all materials and tools are provided, ensuring a seamless and creative experience.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Discover the secrets of creating stunning stained glass mandalas.
  • Gain hands-on experience with glass manipulation and soldering techniques.
  • Explore your creativity with pre-prepared patterns.
  • Take home your own beautifully crafted glass masterpiece.

Who Can Join:
This workshop is designed for beginners and is suitable for ages 15 and above. No prior experience is required, only your enthusiasm for art and craft.


Secure your spot today on Humanitix for this two-day artistic adventure. Unleash your inner artist and craft your unique glass mandala.