Isolation Creation books published

There’s no question that 2020 has been a crazy year, and when it all got weird in March, KAN responded with an online challenge to keep us connected and engaged.

While we stayed home, reduced our activity and protected our community from the Coronavirus, we had time to think about our own small backyard. KAN asked our creative community to stay connected by posting their visual thoughts on our facebook page

Each week KAN posted a ‘theme’ and called out for artworks in any style or genre in response. We were so impressed with the range of works that were uploaded; they were beautiful, funny, creative and insightful. It wasn’t just about the artists, we also asked our audience to repond and be part of the project by liking or sharing their favourites – and promoting the artists work.

Avrel Ford was one of our most prolific and popular entrants and she walked away with a little prize in April, as did Isla Birnie in May.

With the support of the Shire of Broome we have pblished the works in a beautiful high quality postcard book. And the books have hit the shelves, just in time for Christmas.

iso creation book page 1
Naomie Hatherley’s entry

If you would like to purchase one, you can find them in Rockpool Broome or you can email us at

Prices: $34.95 for KAN members or $39.95 standard retail price

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