June newsletter

The Broome Fringe Festival is done!

The Fringe hosted 14 Art Trail sites, 7 art exhibitions with 11 artists showcasing new works, a Festival Cabaret, bands, community choirs, art auctions, solo musicians, film, life drawing and conceptual installations. If you managed to get to any of these events, we hope you had a great time.

The town had ‘a vibe’… we were told it was ‘buzzing’!
And that’s thanks to all the creative individuals and KAN supporters and sponsors who helped us the get the 2021 Broome Fringe Festival off the ground.  THANK YOU!! 

The Festival Art Trail

The Art Trail has been a staple of previous Fringe Festivals, but this year we had new participants, really showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of Broome’s arts scene. KAN also invited artists from Lombadina and Bidyadanga to participate and it was fantastic to see their diverse works being appreciated and purchased. 

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Darrell Sibosado from Lombadina at his Art Trail shop

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Artists at the Broome Community Recovery Centre

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Bidyadanga artist Tracey Mulardy showing some of her work at Pearlshed Framing and gallery

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Steve Eastaugh with some of mixed media works in his  Art Trail studio

 The Art Trail was sponsored by Uniquely Broome.   
jacky finished image
Jacky Chang and the completed ‘work ‘Beyond Sight’
The Conceptual Art Program

Jacky Cheng’s ‘Beyond Sight’ and Tomoko Yamada’s ‘Common Language of Thread; Flow movement…’ were sophistocated conceptual installations that challenged perceptions about Broome’s creative traditions.  Both these Broome-based artists created beautiful and intense works over a 10 day period that invited the audience to engage in the works, deeply consider the ideas and connection of the artist to the work and to Broome as their home.Cheng is an award winning artist who has been personally challenged by her diminshing vision. ‘Beyond Sight’ took Cheng on a contemplative journey as she considered new ways of working. The result was a gigantic 6.5 x 4.5m work on paper that filled the room at the Broome Visitors Centre. The audience responded with awe and admiration as they respectfully watched Jacky and her persistent and engimatic mark making. 

Tomoko Yamada’s connection to Broome spans 13 years and her Japanese heritage allows her to reflect on the relationship she has with the town, its Japanese community and the relationship between our cultures.  For her work ‘Common lnaguage of Thread; Flow Movement…’ Tomoko used an empty shop, and over 10 days through the process of careful thread mapping, she created a vibrant humming web of connections and forms.  A net that hung near the windows was crafted using traditional fishing net process that Tomoko learnt from one of Broome’s oldest pearl divers.  Tomoko invited some of her audience to participate in the mapping process and engaged with visitors throughout the week. 

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Tomoko Yamada discussing her work with some visitors
While these projects appeared inconventional for Broome, both local and visitor audiences repsonded with enthiusiasm and were excited about the experience. KAN is looking forward to seeing how each project develops into the future as the artists are inspired to take these initial works to the next level and develop the ideas. 

This project was funded through the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries, and was also supported by the Chinatown Discovery Festival, the Broome Visitors Centre and Streeter & Male. 
Broome was FULL of art!

Broome is full of visual artists, but there is no community art centre or gallery space that regularly supports the growth and exhibition of our local artists.

For the Fringe Festival so many artists leapt on the opportunity to show their work and the Festival program included “Mono Poly” exhibition by Chrissy Carter, “People of Broome” by Amelia Jajko,  the “Snapshot Art Auction”, the fanastic “Sip & Sketch” life drawing event, “Motherlode” with 5 amazing women artists, the “Journeys” exhibition and the Festival Sketchbook! 

So much to look at and engage with!
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The opening of Amelia Jajko’s “People of Broome” exhibition during the delightful Twilight Art Night at the Blackstump Gallery. KAN thanks Blackstump for being a festival sponsor.  

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Auctioneer at large Chris Maher at the Snapshot Art Auction.  This event supports KAN to run the festival and we thank the generosity of artists who give some of their proceeeds from the Auction to KAN, and to the wonderful buyers who support the event and help our local  artists to grow their reputations and experience. 

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Life drawing with a difference at “Sip & Sketch”. The event was run by local artist Mel Foster and was a liively and welcoming event open to everyone – whether or not you had any life drawing experience.  Thanks to Saira and Toni from the Hangar for being such awesome models!

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Stuart Tatnell and Carolina Furque  at the ‘Journeys” exhibition at the Sisters of St John of God Bernadine Room. A lovely exhibition that made us all wish for the days of adventure and footloose travel. 

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The ‘Motherlode’ exhibition brought together Naomie Hatherley, Leah Rakabundel, Isla Birnie, Vanessa Margetts and Susanah Williams. These artist mothers delved deep into the passions of family, art and life.  It was engaging, joyous and challenging. Little Local was the place to be on Saturday and Sunday morning for art, music and food.

It wasn’t all visual art…

On Thursday the PCYC hosted the tiktok dance comp with dozens of young people busting moves in tiktok videos.  It was fun atmosphere on the lawns at the PCYC with a sausage sizzle, a big screen and even some footy kicking in between. 
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KAN officially launched the Fringe on Friday night 5th June at the Pigram Gardens and hosted a bar and the fabulous Sibo Trio
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Sibo Trio playing at the festival launch

With a delightful flashmob performance from the Broome Community Choir the evening rolled happily into the festival Cabaret; the amazing Justine de Bruyn from the Broome Performing Arts Co and her sassy mates put on the Dirtiest Dance Cabaret – because it wouldn’t be a Fringe Festival without a Cabaret! An array of stunning local performers and dancers strutted their stuff, MC-ed by the fabulous Jaime Jackett.  Props to Saira and Toni from the Hangar and every single one of those fearless performers who slayed up on stage. 

The audience couldn’t get enough and hit the dancefloor while the bar staff and BPAC’s very own ‘trolley lady’ kept everyone entertained until late into the night. 

All the  Fringe Festival events at the Civic Centre were supported by the Shire of Broome
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This year is the 50th anniversary of one the region’s leading art prizes and to acknowledge its strong heritage, KAPP is bringing the arts and photographic exhibition under the same roof.  The annual exhibition is a prestigous showcase of arts from across the Kimberley and this year the exhibition will also feature previous winners of the Kimberley Art Prize to celebrate its 50 year history. 

The Kimberley Arts Network is proud to be a sponsor of the Photographic Award and we are looking forward to seeing you in Derby during events of the annual Boab Festival

If you’re attending the Award event on Saturday 3rd July, or planning on heading to Derby for the Award Presentations are at 7pm at the Derby Airport Terminal Building.  There will be a bus available at various locations in Derby. 

Then of course on 9th July, the Mowanjum Festival kicks off with a Junba. More information here 

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The Shinju Matsuri Art Awards get more exciting every year with the sheer diversity and incredible talent we have up here. Artists are invited to submit their works; Application form here

The Awards are open to bona-fide Broome Residents and will be exhibited at the Broome Civic Centre from 27 August – 4 September 2021. Official Opening of the Exhibition will be held on Thurs 26 August where the winners will be announced. The People’s Choice Award will be announced during the Festival Finale on Sunday 5th September.

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Naomie Hatherley was the 2020 winner with her little gem “Heretic”.

There is no set theme for the Art Awards, however, inspiration can be drawn from Shinju Matsuri as well as from a celebration of the people, culture and history of Broome. 

The categories and prizes are as follows:
Shire of Broome Acquisitive Art Prize –  $8, 000
Paintings presented by Black Stump Gallery – $1,000
Mixed Media & Textiles presented by The Pearl Shed – $1,000
Photography presented by Kimberley Kolours – $1,000
Aboriginal Art presented by Short St Gallery – $1,000
Sculpture presented by Broome Gallery – $1,000
People’s Choice Award presented by Anastasicas – $500
Teen Art Awards presented by Broome Circle – $250

There is a registration fee of $55 to enter. REGISTRATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY 6 AUGUST 2021