Newsletter July 2022

The dry season in the Kimberley is a frenetic, exciting and vibrant season of events and visitors that celebrates blue skies, and perfect weather of the middle of the year.  KAN has been part of the fun….
The Strong Women’s Business Gathering

KAN travelled to beautiful Birdwood Downs on 24th June to spend time with about 200 other women for the Strong Women’s Business Gathering.   The event was organised by Winun Ngari and showcased ideas and initiatives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and women, while also celebrating the contributions of those from other backgrounds.

SWBG highlighted women artists, local leaders and women owned-operated enterprises. It was a deeply satisfying and engaging event that created a place to meet local leaders and have conversations that seed local and regional community strengthening and wealth building.

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Artists Jacky Cheng, Chrissy Carter and Amelia Jajko travelled with Clancy McDowell from Broome. And they brought Ruth Halbert from Denmark as a visitor to the Kimberley.  Each artist conducted a workshop and together we facilitated the creation of a collaborative mural with event participants.   
Derby is the place to be in July

Clancy McDowell and Chrissy Carter from KAN dropped in to see Mowanjum, Baraloo Arts and caught up with Kate Williams at the Red Shed.
This newly opened Women’s community space hosts workshops and other activities in the old Fire Station on Clarendon St.  We’re looking forward to working with Kate and the Red Shed team on workshops and artist exchanges. 
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Clancy, Kate and Chrissy in the freshly painted Red Shed. 

The Annual KAPP event is a highlight on the regional calendar and KAN is proud to be part of the event and sponsor the Boab Carving Award, which we consider to be a unique artform that reflects our region. 

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who entered the event. It was another year with artworks from across the region, both professional and emerging artists. 

The Prize is on show at the Derby International Airport Terminal until 16 July

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Photographic Prize – The Red Road” by Phillip MacKenzie
Art Prize – “To Your Scattered Bodies Go” by Michael MacRae

Landscapes Sponsored by Kimberley Ports Authority: “Painted Sky” by Belinda Cook
Portraits Sponsored by Vision Power:  “Culture Without Boundaries” by Sian Edwards
Flora and Fauna Sponsored by Buckley’s Earthmoving: “The Symphony of the Sea Snail” by Kate Carr
Youth (25 and under) Sponsored by Pearl Shed Framing: “The Lookout” by Eric Goodchild
Open Non-Kimberley Sponsored by Mount Gibson Iron Ore: “Best Mates” by Tim Mummery
Snap and Send (5 Winners) Sponsored by Shire of Derby/West Kimberley
– Allee Proud for “Wet Season Sunrises”
– Bridget Johnston for “Echidna Chasm”
– Christian Bidewell for “Sun Rays on the Marsh”
– Gracie Waldron for “Gantheume moon”; and
– Susannah Kempton for “Horse Bandit”

Painting on Canvas Sponsored by Derby Plumbing and Gas:  “Under Threat” by Heather Murchie
Works on Paper Sponsored by Kimberley Ports Authority: “Iconic Beauty” by Jessica Bidewell
Open Non-Kimberley Sponsored by Mitchell Plastic Welding: “Ghost gums at dusk on Nyul Nyul Country” by Liesel Arden
Mixed Media Sponsored by Australia’s North West Tourism: “Keeping Score : Derby Tigers” by Naomie Hatherley
Boab Nut Carving Sponsored by Kimberley Arts Network: “Tidal Barramundi” by Jacob Watson
Youth (under 18) Sponsored by Kimberley Pharmacy Services: “You tried to make me scared of hell. But I’m Living here” by Hallie Griffiths-Moore
Emerging Artist (18-30 years) Sponsored by Buru Energy: “Goordim and Woorrilbem” by Delany Griffiths