Whatnow? March updates

Whatnow? March updates

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Planning for the Broome Fringe Festival is underway and it’s looking very exciting. 

KAN runs the Broome Fringe Festival as a platform to support and promote our amazing creative community.  We support artists, musicians, performers and those with ideas and the energy to get their event off the ground.  the festival showcases our local talent and offers opportunities for our artists to increase their income, share their work and reach new audiences. 

We do this without any core funding. (A round of applause here for our awesome volunteer KAN Board members)

Highlights from Last year will be back, including The BCAP Cabaret, The Art Trail, exhibitions, and more. We are also including new events – comedy nights at Matsos, a big community art activity and workshops. While our program is coming together we still have room for more events. KAN invites everyone to get involved!  Registrations for the Art Trail will be open soon on our website. 

We LOVE volunteers and are happy to talk to anyone who would like to lend a hand during the festival itself.  Email us on admin@kimberleyartsnetwork.com.au

You can follow the Broome Fringe Festival on facebook and instagram @broomefringefestival